Monday, 19 June 2017

Carter excerpt just in time for Canada150!

Toronto is a pretty interesting place, at least I've always thought so... 

Recently, I joined the York Pioneer and Historical Society, which as the name implies, explores Toronto's history. They recently published their annual journal, The York Pioneer (along with a book about founding father, William Howland), and very nicely excerpted part of my time-travel slash historical-fiction novel for kids. I'm really chuffed to see part of my middle-grade story, Carter and the Curious Maze, in their venerable pages, thank you! And just in time for the celebration of Canada's 150th year of Confederation.

The section they excerpted (with permission), recounts a brief visit by two modern day boys (via a creepy maze), to the first European settlement on Toronto soil, at Fort Rouille, at the foot of Dufferin and Lakeshore roads, on the current CNE grounds. There's a memorial to the Fort, beside Scadding Cabin.

It was a pleasure to research this little-known French trading Fort, and to imagine visiting it in 1750, as a lost and frightened time-travelling boy from present day. The local First Nations hunters traded with the French at this spot.

It's an interesting look at Toronto's history, for kids 8-12. Here's a 4-star review (their highest) from CM Magazine.

There isn't much research material available in English (or much in French either) about the Fort, so I made the best use of materials at hand, with many thanks to Fort York and the CNE archives! And of course, thanks to the York Pioneers!

Here's how to purchase Carter and the Curious Maze.
Here's the Book Trailer.
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