Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Thanks Chris Hadfield Public School!

Swag from Chris Hadfield PS. Check out the Mary Shelley Card Catalog
thank you note, published by the Library of Congress. Cool!

Ahh, had another great school visit yesterday at Chris Hadfield Public School in Whitby, Ontario.

The kids were so fun, they had such great questions. And the teachers and the wonderful teacher-librarian were so supportive and interested in books, literacy, and Canadian authors.

Thank you, Blue Heron books, for handling book sales!

The teacher-librarian gave me a thank you note, which is actually a Library of Congress catalog card (the thank you is on the reverse). She gave me Mary Shelley, what an honour, now in pride of place on my writing desk.

There were lots of great questions from the kids yesterday, but here's my personal fave...

Q: Do you write the title first, or the book?
A: Sometimes a great title pops in there, and sometimes I have to really think about it. I HAVE changed a title in mid-write, a few times, as the story reveals itself. But usually I know pretty much from the start what the title will be. 

Thank you to everyone for a great day. And an extra special thanks to Blue Heron books, from Uxbridge, for handling the book sales! I hope the kids enjoy their summer reading, keep reading everyone.

And here's a shout out to anyone going on a long family car trip this summer ...
I see you, Myles ...

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