Friday, 20 November 2015

When authors and editors write music together

My wonderful editor, Allister Thompson, and I have made an album, Fifth Season. You'll find seven mellow, warm, inviting instrumental pieces, good listening for a cold winter night.

Allister did all the work, including the suggestion of putting this album together.  I provided the composition and guitar (okay, I did some of the work), and he added his signature vocals, gorgeous guitar and piano to create this beautiful collaboration which makes me incredibly joyful. I've been so lucky in my friendship with Allister, a brilliant editor and a wonderful musician (and all-round nice guy).

Please give a listen, download (free or pay what you wish), and enjoy: Fifth Season, by Philippa Dowding and Allister Thompson

Monday, 16 November 2015

The best part of being a children's author...

"You just want to keep reading the next page and the next page. I needed to finish it. It was killing me; I wanted to know what was going to happen. It's creepy but not to the point that I couldn't read it by myself in my room. It was the perfect amount of creepy." --Emma, 11

One of the things I love most about being a writer, is hearing what my readers think about the books. Last week, I received these lovely words above about Myles and the Monster Outside, thank you Emma!

And here is another fantastic testimonial from last week too, from Alyssa, age 10:

"I really enjoyed your book Jake and the Giant Hand. I thought it was full of mystery and suspense, and every time I finished a chapter I was eager to read the next! The end of chapters always made me want to continue to read the next. The spooky theme to it really appealed to me and the mystery was so enticing! I thought the characters were also lovable:P especially Kate and Chris, how one was a daredevil and the other one the wise one.  I think your works are wonderful and they are very well written." 

And a few weeks ago, Wyatt (11) also sent a video testimonial about Myles and the Monster Outside ,here's what he said:

"I thought it was really good. I especially liked the Chicken Truck Man ... and [the part where] Norman has to pee and it was a very suspenseful book and I hope there's a next one that comes out."

Thank you to Emma, Alyssa and Wyatt, and to everyone who reaches out to tell me what they thought of my books. I love hearing from all of you! (And even if you don't write to connect, thanks for reading).

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