Monday, 31 October 2016

E for Excellent for Everton Miles is Stranger than Me

"Author Dowding describes her heroine’s heart breaking several times until she has to face the powerful darkness of the Shade. It is at that point that she discovers the inner strength borne of her deep affection and sincere joy for those around her and those who are no longer.

Dowding’s effective use of magic realism gives this novel the flexibility to reconcile the minutiae of everyday life with the huge events that can derail it, allowing a resolution that neither diminishes nor exaggerates either of these polar opposites.

Themes: Family Life; Siblings; High School; Friendship; Grief; Self-Respect

E/Excellent; Resource Links Magazine, Oct 2016"

What a fantastic review for my newest title, Everton Miles is Stranger than Me. Thank you Resource Links, it's been a while since they've given me an "E" for Excellent (their highest rating).

This new book was really a beautiful write for me, drawing together everything I loved about the prequel, The Strange Gift of Gwendolyn Golden (which was nominated for the Red Maple award, 2015), and letting me really explore the fantasy world of Abilith the Rogue. I kind of let my fantasy -loving side take over in this book, and answered all the questions readers had about book one: how did Night Flyer's originate on Earth, where did Gwendolyn's father go, what's the Shade?

Really honoured to pull an "E" for Everton!

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