Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Music meets muse, in February ...

February, oh February, with your difficult middle vowels and extraneous "r", when will you be over? Last month I posted about the one thing that kept me going through a miserable January of funerals.

It was flamenco.

This month, it's music. Last week an old friend came to visit. Musician, opera-singer, and guitarist extraordinaire, he breezed in from Vancouver for a few days and well, the house was full of music, opera, and it was all hands on deck while everyone grabbed a guitar! A harmonica! A set of spoons! Something, anything, to ward off February and make some beautiful noise together.

Joni Mitchell's Hejira, figured large. Shakespeare's sonnet 18, too. As luck would have it, another old friend had a guitar party and well, worlds collided. We played for four hours straight, until my fingers gave out. We've all played guitar together for almost thirty years, and it never, ever gets old.

It was grand. It lead to an outpouring of poetry and a burst of renewed enthusiasm for a YA/Teen science fiction manuscript I'm trying to finish. I'm not a professional musician, I've never made a living from my music, but I definitely turn to song when I'm struggling with a story line, an arc, a characterization. The muse has come around unbid this month. Interesting that "muse" is 3/5 ths of the word "music." February, thou art cruel and sometimes kind.

So here are some links, to remind us that spring IS coming, and music renews us. And soon, we'll find March is upon us with her milder breezes (and fewer vowels).

Toronto Island Spring Trees Video (wherein I make some guitarish sounds accompanied by lovely spring tree photos from my artist friend Baye Hunter)

Philippa's Soundcloud page

Joni Mitchell, Hejira

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