Monday, 25 February 2013

Pickering Loves Gargoyles (and flame-broiled ants)!

Photograph of the Winner of the Gargoyles Drawing Contest

Kids love gargoyles. They relate, I think, to the weirdness and otherness of the odd, mythical creatures. Children need some off-beat allies, perhaps, in the books they read. I know I did (what could be weirder than a hobbit?)
Earlier this month I was invited to do an author event at Pickering Library -- what a blast! I read from the Lost Gargoyle trilogy, the kids walked, talked and pirouetted like gargoyles. My publisher, Dundurn Press, ran a draw to win the Lost Gargoyle trilogy, price of admission one gargoyle drawing, and we got 36 entries.
The winning entry is pictured here.
An aardvark gargoyle, eating flame-broiled ants.
How refreshingly weird!
To see the rest of the entries, click here:
Pickering Library Gargoyles
Thanks again to the great staff at Pickering Library, and to all the kids who entered. These gargoyles rock!

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