Monday, 10 September 2012

Great Review for The Gargoyle at the Gates

 "The Gargoyle at the Gates, an interesting and appealing story, is a splendid sequel to the first two Lost Gargoyle books."

Here it is, the first review of The Gargoyle at the Gates, from CM Magazine: Gargoyle at the Gates
It's a good review, 3 out of 4 stars, from Daphne Hamilton-Nagorsen, the same reviewer of all three books.
Here are links to her reviews of the first two books:
The Gargoyle in My Yard 
The Gargoyle Overhead
I'm lucky to have had the same reviewer for all three books, thanks CM magazine.
There are two new themes in this book, too: urban renewal and standing up to a bully. Oh, and the Collector, the bad guy in all three stories, rears his ugly head once again ... can't wait to see what happens to him!

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