Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Gargoyle at the Gates is in a PubFight!

The BNC has selected my third book,
The Gargoyle at the Gates, for one of the YA entries in their annual PubFight. Hilarious!
Here's the link: The Gargoyle at the Gates
My third novel in the Lost Gargoyle Series is a brawler, though, it'll come out swinging.
For those of you who may be (understandably) scratching your heads and saying "huh?", I think a PubFight is not a brawl in a dank, dark pub, but is rather a fantasy listing of books you'd like to have in your fall catalogue if you were running your own publishing house.
It's a game. You pick your roster of titles, then see how the sales are in the real world. The winner has the best sales at the end of the year.
At least I THINK that's what a PubFight is.
The book brawl in a dank, dark beer-smelling pub WOULD be fun, though. Here's another link to the entire YA page that my book is on: BNC PubFight YA page
I'm in fantastic company with fellow-Canadians Susin Nielsen and Cary Fagan. Also, I'm on the same line as Emma Thompson's new Beatrix Potter book.
Who knew Professor Trelawny would write a book about Beatrix Potter
(and not Harry)?

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