Sunday, 11 November 2012

Henry's apple

A good friend of mine tutors children who are learning to read. Her specialty is working with children with dyslexia.

Last week she asked if I could meet a student. Henry has worked with her for three years and has, after a long journey, read his first book: The Gargoyle in My Yard.

He loved it. We had a very special morning, the three of us, reading and talking about gargoyles.

He had a gift for me, a drawing of an apple. It's a sweet illustration, since my gargoyles love to whip apple cores at people.
Then he read a few lines from my book, out loud.

And that, of course, was the best gift of all.

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That is a fabulously artistic apple core!

Philippa Dowding said...

ONEWEIRDWORD: yes, Henry spent an hour and took great care, he spent much time finding JUST the right colours! PD