Friday, 16 March 2012

Who will win the CANLIT Hunger Games??

Fabulous Anne-Katniss by my talented friend Shawna Daigle
Hagar Shipley? Aminata Diallo? Scott Pilgrim?
The CBC is running the Canlit Hunger games this week, it's hilarious! Vote to see which of your favourite iconic characters from Canadian literature will be the winner.

I'm with Aminata Diallo all the way. Anyone who survived an Atlantic slave crossing should be able to handle a little fight to the death, no problem.

As an aside, YA author    and I are creating our own list of 24 tributes from Canadian YA novels, 12 boy and 12 girl tribute pairs. 
Karen's List so far:
Modo from Hunchback Assignments and Clarinet Reid from Once Every Never.
Ryan Dooley (Norah McClintock's Dooley mystery series) and Maya (Armstrong's The Gathering).
My list so far:
Young Sherlock Holmes (Shane Peacock series) and Aminata Diallo (Book of Negroes) (although not technically a YA novel, she is a fantastic character, and she is eleven for the first third of the book)
Awasin (Cree Chief`s son, Lost in the Barrens) and Anne Shirley (of Green Gables) 
If you have some tribute suggestions, add a comment!

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