Monday, 30 July 2018

BIRCHES in Bristol street art video!


Really very honoured to post this: my guitar piece, BIRCHES, has been used (with my permission of course), in a video about Bristol street artist, Andrew Burns Colwill. The video is created by Scuba Lux Creative, Bristol.

Andrew's painting, "Artic Scream", is a heartbreaking comment about our complicity in environmental crisis. It's quite moving, and I'm proud to have my music be part of it. 

BIRCHES is from the larger album of the same name, released in October 2017 with my collaborator (and long-time editor) Allister Thompson.

Here's the entire album on the Free Music Archive: BIRCHES. You can also listen to it on Allister's Bandcamp account (and if you want to toss a few dimes our way, many thanks).

This album has had quite a bit of exposure in the past few weeks. Songs have been in a Free Music Archive playlist, a drone video of St. Leon, Quebec and on a canoe trip on the River Wye in England. In all, the music has been listened to or downloaded almost 20,000 times since early July. 

Many thanks for listening! Enjoy!

COVER ART: Birches in Summer,
by Toronto-Islander, Baye Hunter

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