Thursday, 26 July 2018

Quill and Quire loves OCULUM!

OCULUM hanging out with the other 'bots

"Oculum’s tone has a folksy and whimsical quality ...  

Both Miranda1’s and Mannfred’s worlds, though very different, feel like something from a fairy tale. The details the reader is given about the time of the Olden Begones (before the apocalypse) are fun to reconcile with our own present-day, and when characters find broken pieces from computer keyboards or reference the works of William Shakespeare, it creates a satisfying connection between this fictional future and our current reality... 

... rich world-building and determined characters give it an originality that sets it apart..."

Well, that's a very fine review from Quill & Quire, thank you! 

OCULUM now has two trade reviews, and both are extremely good. When you write a new book, it seems like a long time between publication and the first professional reviews (although it's usually only a few weeks or months). You learn to think about other things as you get more books under your belt, but the wait is always a bit nerve-wracking regardless of how many times you experience it.

So thank you to both CM Magazine and Quill & Quire for the close and careful reading of OCULUM, and for the kind words! And thank you to my publisher, Dancing Cat Books, for letting me tell this "folksy and whimsical" dystopia for younger kids.

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Monica Kulling said...

Whimsical dystopia isn't easy to pull off, Philippa. Congrats for doing exactly that! I truly enjoyed reading OCULUM.

Philippa Dowding said...

thank you for all the kind words Monica! OCULUM was really interesting to write, and it kept pulling me toward whimsy ... so that's where I had to go.