Saturday, 17 March 2018

OCULUM, coming Spring 2018!

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Introducing OCULUM, my new middle-grade dystopia, coming from Dancing Cat Books, April 2018. 
Here's the back cover copy:

“William, you cannot go out that door. You have no idea what’s out there. If there IS anything out there!”

So says Miranda1 to William1 in their perfect, domed world of Oculum. They are the oldest children of the one thousand chosen, raised by robot Mothers, taught to read, write and tend the fruit trees, but in a closed world without love or freedom.

Then one day, William1 finds a hidden door. What awaits Outside?

A destroyed ancient city of rubble, where orphaned children like Mann and Cranker live rough with only Grannie to feed and protect them. It’s a world without beauty or fruit trees, plagued with death and hunger.

But change is coming, if only Miranda1 and William1 can find the way out of Oculum …"

New author photo! No one LIKES taking author photos,
I don't think, but this one is OK. 

Oculum is available SPRING 2018 
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