Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Reviewers! Alex and The Other is now on NetGalley

Beware the haunted bathroom mirror at school. Beware strangers in overcoats and dark glasses whispering in the trees. But most of all ... BEWARE THE OTHER.

Hello Early Reviewers!

My next book, Alex and The Other, is up on NetGalley for review.
The book comes out in March/2018 but you can get a sneak peek for review here now: Alex and The Other

This is book 4 in the award-winning Weird Stories Gone Wrong Series, and is a middle-grade horror story about a boy with an evil twin. I love doppelganger stories, and writing a compelling middle-grade tale in the genre was uniquely challenging (can you think of another one? If so, please let me know!).

Later this year, Alex and The Other will be followed by book five, Blackwells and the Briny Deep, about three kids shipwrecked on a spooky enchanted island. Both new books in the series will be illustrated again by the wonderful Shawna Daigle.

Pre-Orders available now.

Watch the BOOK TRAILER here.

Read More about Alex and The Other and the other award-winning books in the Weird Stories Gone Wrong series on this blog.

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