Friday, 26 January 2018

Alex and The Other is going to the OLA SuperConference!

Grab your free copy of my next book at the OLA SuperConference!


PIG-CREATURES whispering in the trees ...

Going to the OLA SuperConference in Toronto?

Come grab a free copy of my latest book, Alex and The Other, book 4 in the award-winning Weird Stories Gone Wrong series!

Thursday, February 1st
1 pm - @1:45 (come early)
Dundurn Booth, Exhibitor's Hall

They're horror stories for middle-grade readers, ages 8-12, and Alex and The Other is about a boy with an evil twin. A doppelganger story for middle-grade readers is rare, I think because of the constraints of the genre. If the evil twin wins, what's a young reader to gain from that (trust no-one and nothing?). If the evil twin loses, how does the hero win, and what is to be gained from that?

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