Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Butterfly eclipse ...

Eclipse butterfly shadows in the universal gloom.

When butterflies cast shadows, and a strange little solar eclipse story ...

I spent my solar eclipse day yesterday (August 21/2017) at Scadding Cabin at the CNE, which is Toronto's oldest house, built in 1794. It's next to Fort Rouille, which is Toronto's first European settlement (1750-1759). I was on the site, talking to kids about my book, Carter and the Curious Maze, which is a time-travel story, partly set there.

It was a fascinating afternoon, with butterflies in the gorgeous garden, and lovely vistas of the lake. I even did a few readings to children (and played ring toss). For a while, there were few visitors, until SHE arrived. As the sky darkened, the temperature dropped, the shadows deepened, and the peak of eclipsy things were happening, a young woman walked across the field toward me, with purpose. 

She stopped in front of me, at my desk of books, and asked how I was. She was dressed in what I can only describe as vintage goth, black parasol, black high heeled boots, black boustier, gorgeous black silk skirt. 

I was a little dumbfounded. I answered, "Fine, just fine thanks. I like your parasol." She smiled and pointed at my books. "Horror writer?" She asked. I nodded. "Yeah, for kids." I swear her eyes lit up, and she giggled, then she said 'bye and vanished. 

Who was this girl? Did anyone else have a weird human moment yesterday? Was it a thing? I've got a new character brewing, and her name's gonna be Eclipse...

I'll be at the CNE August 21 and August 28: A Visit to Fort Rouille with Philippa Dowding

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