Friday, 14 April 2017

That's 3 nominations for Myles and the Monster Outside

I see you, Myles ...

The good news just keeps coming for Myles and the Monster Outside, which has now been nominated for 3 awards:

Diamond Willow Award 2017/2018 (SYRCA)
Hackmatack Award 2017
Silver Birch Express Award 2017 (OLA)

Thank you so much to the nominating committees, and the hardworking librarians, teachers, booksellers and writers (and publishers) who believe in, publish and promote Canadian authors. Thanks also to the young readers, who are excited to read our works.

A nomination means so much to an author and their publisher, for so many reasons. It's wonderful to be recognized for work well done, and so much fun to chat with kids and librarians about your story, or to go on school visits and talk about being a writer. It's so great to see kids excited about reading, and excited about reading something you created. It's a gift, every time. I love it.

And ... nominations also boost sales.

I was recently at a school visit here in Toronto, and a student asked me "how do you get paid?" This is a question I get a lot, along with "how much money do you make?" Someone in the crowd always protests, and says that's a rude question, but actually I think it's a good question and I always try to answer it honestly.

Writers don't really have bosses, right? So how DO they make money?

I always explain briefly about royalties and how my publisher and I have a business agreement, based on book sales. Then I tell them ...

...according to the most recent Writer's Union of Canada national salary survey (2014), the average Canadian author earns about $12,000 a year from all their book-related income, but the median is more like $5,000. That's including royalties from sales, speaking engagements, literary prizes and grants and other things like film options (which are rare) etc.

Kids are generally pretty shocked to hear that!

So once again, this author is feeling pretty grateful. I get to talk to kids, teachers and librarians, I get to share stories, I get to travel around the country talking about books (what could be better?). Plus, my publisher will sell some books, and we'll both benefit from increased sales.

All of those things will spur me on to write more books! And that's the best thing of all.

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