Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year, Everton Miles!

"A must-read for Gwendolyn Golden fans, this latest addition to the Night Flyer's Handbook series will not disappoint."
Amy Mathers for BookNews/Winter 2017

Here it is, a new year, with all our shiny hopes, dreams and new possibilities for 2017 just a few hours old. Happy New Year to you!

I love New Year's day. My family and I spend all day reading, eating, playing guitar, and gather at dinner time in a kind of New Year's day stupor. All the better if it's snowing and cold outside, no excuse to leave the house!

Last week I received exactly one piece of mail, the Canadian Children's Book Centre winter issue of BookNews.

How nice that my latest book, Everton Miles is Stranger than Me, is a Recommended title! Thank you! The reviewer, the inestimable Amy Mathers, had very nice things to say, above. If you'd like to read more of her review, you can pick up a copy through the centre, and see what other great Canadian books they recommend this year (you won't be disappointed!).

My New Year resolution (one of them) this year, is to buy more books and support Canadian writers as much as I can with reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. If we want good books, we have to buy them, read them, and report back for others.  Hope you'll join me, and happy reading for all in the year ahead!

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