Friday, 25 November 2016

The Costumer is Always Right

I've been to a few funerals lately. It's the time of life, I guess (middle-age kind of sucks). This month my family said goodbye to the costume designer in our lives. My sister-in-law, special Aunt to my kids, she was full of life, hilarious, generous, creative, successful. Every year at one regular family event we went go-carting, and she was always a notorious speed demon. She didn't care whose life she endangered, child or adult, or how fast she took the corners. An apt metaphor for her life.

And like the Bad Auntie in the poem below, she always won. Rather than remember her with a lament, I share the sweet children's poem she inspired me to write a few years ago, a tribute to our favourite Bad Aunties, everywhere...

My Bad Auntie

My favourite aunt is very bad!
"The Costumer is Always Right"
A sign that has hung for years in my
sister-in-law's costume shop in Toronto
We creep downstairs so Mom and Dad,
Won’t see us sneak cookies and cake,
Or march the dog around on skates.

We dance the hoola in our socks,
We spin tall glasses and change the clocks.
My auntie likes to startle crows,
And make a mess wherever she goes.

She plays the drums in a rock’n’roll band,
And chases donkeys along the sand,
She’s a go-cart fiend and always wins,
She plays in leaves, and spins (and spins).

My auntie blows bubbles in shapes like cats,
And bowling balls and baseball bats.
When she’s a magician I never know,
How she does it, or where she goes.

My auntie plays the flute sometimes,
And writes me poems (they always rhyme).
She climbs the trees, hangs upside down,
And chases dogs ‘round and ‘round.

We go to plays and symphonies,
And both try hard not to sneeze.
At the county fair she swan dives,
From the tippy-top of the scariest ride!

At the swimming pool, she’s a shark,
And a dinosaur at the park.
When we walk by she always stops,
For rainbow fudge at the ice cream shop.

When she’s tired she cuddles with ted,
And falls asleep in my bed.
If I asked right then I think she could,
Change for me, from bad … to good!

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