Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Free Colouring Pages from Carter and the Curious Maze

 Free Colouring Pages, ENJOY!

This summer and fall, I've handed out hundreds of these wonderful illustrations from Carter and the Curious Maze, book 3 of the award-nominated Weird Stories Gone Wrong series. The illustrations are by Shawna Daigle, who has kindly allowed me to make them available.

Kids have coloured these images in Fort York, the CNE and at library and bookstore events. Some of their work is pretty amazing!

The first image is Carter discovering he has traveled back in time, to the CNE in 1903! The second image is when he realizes he is sitting below a canon at Fort York in 1813, on the
day the Americans invade York (and the GRAND MAGAZINE explodes, making the largest man-made explosion in history up until that time). KA-BOOM!

HAVE FUN! Please click on the images, print them out and have fun colouring them! It's all the rage these days. Enjoy!

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