Monday, 26 September 2016

Time out in Algonquin Park

The author and family in Algonquin Park, Sept 2016

I'm taking a rare personal moment here. This weekend I went up north, to beautiful Algonquin Park, to visit my daughter.

She has worked in a resort there since June, serving people from all over the world in the 5-star dining room.

It's a gorgeous place, and the FOOD. My husband and I had to stop eating after two incredible meals. So rich. So delicious. We. Just. Couldn't. Eat. Any. More.  (One of us had THREE plates of dinner, and it wasn't me.)

Boat garden
I couldn't be happier for her. She's finished her university degree, got a full bank account, and now she can do that trip she always wanted next spring. More than that, though, she's full of stories. Stories about people (the Swiss cardiologist who saved a diner's life stands out), about other cultures and international travelers (Germans really like to travel). About working life, and her many co-workers who are now her extended family (young people like her from all over the world.)

Personally, I loved her stories about wildlife the best. Her most recent made us laugh all weekend: a bull moose walked out of the woods one evening last week, stared at her, then almost apologetically retreated backwards into the woods. Thought bubble: Pardon me, I thought this was the Moose convention.

The dining room & gorgeous patio
I worked at the Columbia Icefields one summer, then in Banff the following year, when I was her age. Those summers are some of the best of my life, my husband and I still talk about them (he was with me for the Banff adventure).

So happy that my daughter has built a summer of memories, too.

And the best part? Soon, she'll be home!

Here's a musical interlude from me to you. Please enjoy my guitar piece FALL (composed and played by me, accompanied by my editor, Allister Thompson, on the electric and keyboards).

Think about red and yellow leaves, falling into the water, as you listen. And the beauty of Algonquin Park in the fall!

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