Tuesday, 6 September 2016

A new book, a graduate, an empty house... hello September 2016


Here it is September, everyone in my family is either back at work or off to new adventures in new cities. So for today's blog post, a totally self-serving (and annual) look at the summer that was, 2016.

Some top memories from this summer (in no particular order, just hey, I have this compulsion for lists) ...

6. Sailing. My husband and I have sailed all our lives, but we've never owned a boat. A few years ago, we bought half interest in a C&C 27, which we sail out of Toronto's Outer Harbour Marina. It's been fun watching Toronto recede behind us (although, you can never really lose the Toronto skyline, unless it's foggy). We made it halfway across the lake one day. Our cottage in the city. (Pic: Sam the Bichpoo in the v-berth.)

5. Nixing the carpet. Okay, this one has been 10 years coming. Pulled up a 20-year-old carpet in June, and found decent original floor underneath. Wow, every stain you ever made is laid bare. It's a trip through memory lane, a gross one. (Pic: This floor is OK!)

4. Daughter graduates from McGill. Speaking of floors, here's a pic I took from the living room of my daughter's apartment in Montreal in June. Her 4-year degree, somehow over. In a flash. Here's an earlier blog post.

3. And speaking of graduates ... my son finished high school (see link in #4 above), and headed off to university in the same city as his sister. Oh ... so ... hard ... to say ... goodbye. I wore my sunglasses, 24/7, for a few days. Best of luck BK!

2. An anniversary and a birthday. July is a busy time for us, we have a wedding anniversary and a birthday back to back. After graduating, my daughter got a job in Algonquin Park. Here she is serving us a special "Happy Anniversary" dessert from the pastry chef.
2 (author chillin' because this place is CHILL)

1. A new book, events, and the CNE. My 7th book was published in August, Carter and the Curious Maze. I've talked in this space about it ad nauseum. I love this book. Opening the new box of books is always a joy. I held a lot of events, most notably reading at Fort York (read the blog post) twice, and at the CNE (read post), at a library and this weekend, a bookstore. Amazing fun. Very, very lucky.

There have been other special moments too, like having my song, "Summer" (with Allister Thompson, my editor of 8 years and a wonderful musician), picked as a "Song of the Day" by the Free Music Archive, on May 18. Here's Summer, if you want to listen (it's free). People have used the song (and a few other songs of mine), in artistic videos from New England, to southern Georgia, to Cornwall and Slovenia. Check out all 7 interesting (and some quite lovely) videos on my Youtube channel, here.

Me and Dorothy, a mad creator her whole life, on her 97th b-day
Other highlights include a Blue Jays game, a day-trip to Wasaga watching my 18-year-old toss rocks like he did when he was little, and 3 weekends at friend's cottages in Bala and Bancroft, where we played guitar and sang all night. Finally, there was a special visit to a retirement home to say hello (and goodbye) to a dear friend, on her 97th birthday.

Yes, we grow older, children grow up and head off to interesting new adventures, old carpets wear out, we need sunglasses 24/7 for a while, September arrives ... but when I look at this summer in this way (with my list compulsion shining bright!), I see that all is well. As Stuart Little so wisely said, "Remember your summertimes, sweethearts."

Happy September, everyone!
Wasaga Beach, 2016

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