Monday, 15 August 2016

What is it like to draw a monster made of fog ...

... or a giant's hand ... or a creepy, time-travel maze?

This week on the blog, I'm delighted to highlight the terrific work of the illustrator of my latest series, Shawna Daigle.

"I've always loved drawing creepy." Shawna Daigle interview, Aug/2016

Shawna created the fabulous covers and all the inside illustrations for the three books in the Weird Stories Gone Wrong series, that's 22 illustrations in total, and each one is a work of art. She drew giant flies for Jake and the Giant Hand, a monster made of fog for Myles and the Monster Outside, and three different time periods, including a little-known French trading fort, in 1750 for Carter and the Curious Maze.

I can't possibly pick a favourite, but I do love the illustration of Carter travelling back in time to the CNE (a large Canadian summer fair), in 1903, at left.

I was so lucky to be able to work with Shawna. It was so fun to collaborate, to pick the highlights of each story, and so hard to wait to see what she came up with. As an author, it's really interesting to see how someone else interprets your description of a scene or a character. I guess picture book authors get to experience that, but it's a new thing for me, and so much fun. She nailed it, every time. Thank you, Shawna!
Creepy Leaf Girl, Carter and the Curious Maze

Tumble chicken, Myles and the Monster Outside

Here is her interview with our publisher, Dundurn Press, on their blog this week: Creating Carter: A Q&A with Illustrator Shawna Daigle. Now I finally know which book of the three is her favourite (it's mine, too). We're a perfect match!

Check out the following book trailers that highlight more of Shawna's amazing work:

Carter and the Curious Maze Book Trailer
Myles and the Monster Outside  Book Trailer
Jake and the Giant Hand Book Trailer

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