Wednesday, 15 June 2016

What kids think my characters look like...

Sydney, with her squid hat

"These kids are so excited by this story...eyes lighting up...great discussions and ideas are generated... great predictions. One day I hope you can meet these 'uber' enthusiastic students and deep admirers of yours." 
KU, Library Services, Ontario

Sometimes, when you're really lucky, you get to connect with a librarian or teacher, who loves your work and promotes it in their school.
Arthur, the lost boy, looking for his Mom
Yesterday I got a huge envelope of drawings from a wonderful librarian. She's been reading my books in her schools, and she has just finished reading an ARC copy of Carter and the Curious Maze (Aug. 2016) to one of her grade 3/4 classes. The pictures are so fun! It's hugely rewarding to see your story actually connect with kids, in a way that makes them want to draw pictures of your characters.

Cool Carter
Creepy Leaf Girl
Glam Sydney with her hat
So... here they are! Thanks all!

Mr. Green and his creepy green thumb!

the whole gang!

Here's a youtube video another teacher made: Kids talk about Carter and the Curious Maze

And some great early reviews of Carter and the Curious Maze to find out more:

CM Magazine (4/4 Stars, Highly Recommended)
Kirkus Reviews

And,of course, the creepy book trailer: Carter and the Curious Maze


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