Thursday, 23 June 2016

Florida star trails, Cornwall coastline, New England spring, Wales time lapse ...

Fifth Season, guitar music by P. Dowding/A. Thompson

A few months ago, my musical collaborator, Allister Thompson (who also happens to be my editor), and I posted our new guitar abum, Fifth Season, on the Free Music Archive. Listen here.

Since then, five people from across the U.S. and Europe, have used our music to create cool artistic videos. One of them, the Florida Star Trails video, won a photography award!
Take a look at this YouTube link to see Artistic Videos, where all five are listed.

Or here they are individually:

1. Florida Star Trails
2. New England Spring
3. Wales coast Time Lapse 4. Cornwall flowers
5. Banished, Gamer Video

This makes me pretty happy. Sharing these musical worlds is always fun!

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