Friday, 3 June 2016

4 Stars, Highly Recommended for Carter and the Curious Maze

"Carter and the Curious Maze is a short, fast-paced tale with engagingly eerie illustrations by Shawna Daigle that enhance Dowding's captivating storytelling style. Readers will be compelled by the historic tales of Toronto's past as experienced by the relatable and funny 12-year-old Carter and the cast of interesting characters he meets within the maze."--Highly Recommended, Canadian Materials, June 3/2016

It's a day of lasts for me: the last day of my daughter's university education, the last day of my son's high school days, the last day of CTV's CanadaAM (a 43-year old Canadian morning news institution).

But tucked in there is also a day of firsts, since today I got my FIRST EVER 4-star review from CM magazine, another Canadian institution, at least in the kid lit world, for my forthcoming novel, Carter and the Curious Maze (Aug 2016). This book is the third book in the award-nominated Weird Stories Gone Wrong series, for kids 8-12.

I've come close before, with a 3.5 star review for my first book, The Gargoyle in My Yard, in 2009, and I've had mostly 3-stars from them for everything else (still pretty good). But this is my very first, flat out 4-star review. And it's a doozy. Thank you to Dundurn Press and to illustrator Shawna Daigle, for all the hard work.

Here's the 4-star review: CM Magazine, Carter and the Curious Maze

So while I spend today thinking about how quickly children grow up, and how media closings, however sad or misguided, are a part of life, I'll also take a moment to celebrate a lovely little story about a boy growing too old for the fair, until he comes across the curious maze. As Carter comes to discover, there is still wonder and delight all around us, we just have to seek it out. It's as good a message as any for me to take to heart on this day of firsts, and lasts.

For more about Carter and the Curious Maze:

Kirkus Reviews "This original take on time-travel historical fantasy is a sure bet for young scary story enthusiasts"
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Another winner, Philippa Dowding! -- monica k