Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Double barrelled graduation year at my house

Congratulations to the Class of 2016!

In a very rare moment of personal revelation, I'm using this space which is usually reserved for bookish-stuff, to post these two graduation pictures of my kids (hey, it's my blog, my party!).

That's because I'm incredibly proud of both of them.

Top photo, my son graduates with Honors from high school this spring, and heads to university.

Bottom photo, my daughter, the newly minted university graduate, commences this fall.

What strikes me most about these photos, is how quickly we got here. The year 2016 always seemed so far away, it was one of those future dates in our lives, in which both of my children would be finishing an important part of their academic lives, at the same time.

The thought of them actually ever reaching 18 and 21, seemed so, so very distant. Yet somehow, all those warm summer nights in the park, pushing a stroller and coralling a pre-schooler, have turned into now: 2016.

So here, to celebrate and commemorate, my favourite poem about being their mum, from so long ago:

Musings from the Back Porch: Found by Dog

And this one's pretty good too:

That Clothes Thing, in the Basement

And finally, this:

That Crazy Dress Your Mother Wore

Congratulations, my loves, my dearies!

Sibs, 2003

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