Sunday, 7 February 2016

A few memories of OLA Superconference 2016

L to R (back) Jennifer Mook-Sang, me, Karen Bass, Jennifer Maruno, Sylvia McNicoll & lovely librarian Melanie Mulcaster

The Ontario Library Association SuperConference was so much fun this year, I met a lot of writers I've always wanted to meet and I got to chat with great librarians.Thanks to Jennifer Mook-Sang for the photo (one of the aforementioned authors I was happy to finally meet).

I signed copies of Myles and the Monster Outside for an hour at the Dundurn booth until we ran out, there was a lineup around the corner and not everyone got a book, unfortunately. But I did make sure everyone in line got a bookmark.  I handed about 60 copies to eager librarians, thank you all! I hope you and your students enjoy it.

Dundurn publicist Karen McMullin
(me in the background looking stern)
And here's my favourite memory from the day. A librarian came by to tell me that she shared my Red Maple nominated title, The Strange Gift of Gwendolyn Golden, with her niece. Her niece had just lost her father, and the story really helped her through a difficult time.

I was saddened, touched and thanked her for sharing that with me. When someone reaches out to tell you a story like that, you remember the real reason to keep writing.

Thanks OLA, for another great year.

The lineup for books at Dundurn. Suzanne Sutherland (Under the Dusty Moon)
and I are behind the lady in the purple shirt. Thanks to Dundurn publicist Jaclyn Hodsdon for the booth photos. Great day!

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