Friday, 8 January 2016

It's going to be a 2 book year!

Available August 2016, Dundurn Press

I'm very honoured to say that you can look for 2 books from me in 2016.*
The first is Carter and the Curious Maze, book 3 in the Weird Stories Gone Wrong series (August 2016, Dundurn Press).  Here's the back cover blurb:

The fair is dull, dull, dull, and nothing interesting will ever happen to Carter again … that is, until he discovers the curious maze. 
Once Carter enters the maze, odd people begin to appear. First he meets Mr. Green, the mysterious, creepy maze-keeper, then a leaf-covered girl, a lost little boy in old-fashioned clothes, a wounded British soldier, and finally an eighteenth-century native boy who seems very authentic, indeed.
When Carter eventually escapes the curious maze, the fair is all wrong. There are too many horses, ladies in bonnets, and what’s a freak show doing there? Carter begins his travels through time, and his dull afternoon is about to get very, very interesting.

To request an ARC of Carter and the Curious Maze, contact Dundurn Publicity
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Reviews of book 1: Jake and the Giant Hand  Reviews of book 2Myles the Monster Outside

*And what of the second book? The second book I have coming out in 2016 is Everton Miles is Stranger than Me, due October. No cover yet, but it's a sequel to my Red Maple book, The Strange Gift of Gwendolyn Golden. The series name is: The Night Flyer's Handbook. Super excited about it, and more to come soon.

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