Friday, 6 November 2015

Introducing Carter and the Curious Maze

Book 3, Weird Stories Gone Wrong, Aug/2016

Really happy to reveal the cover for my next book, Carter and the Curious Maze.

The gorgeous cover art is by Shawna Daigle who has done all three beautiful covers and inside illustrations for the Weird Stories Gone Wrong series.

Carter and the Curious Maze is forthcoming August, 2016 from Dundurn Press.

Critics have had some very nice things to say about the series. Kirkus Reviews notably called the second book, Myles and the Monster Outside, a "carefully written Goosebumps from north of the the border."

So, this week my publisher has also been doing these fun Goosebumps read-alike twitter cards. To be compared to Goosebumps is a dream come true, I loved reading them to my kids, then they read them to themselves until the books fell apart.


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Monica Kulling said...

Wish there were 2 or 3 more of these fun stories rolling down the pike. NOT Goosebumps, you understand. Your "Weird Tales." I love 'em!