Friday, 18 September 2015

Happy Book Birthday to Myles and the Monster Outside!

Ages 8-12, IN STORES NOW!

Happy Book Birthday to my newest title, Myles and the Monster Outside, which officially launches today!

Book 2 in the Weird Stories Gone Wrong series (following Jake and the Giant Hand, 2014) this is a paranormal, road-trip thriller about Myles, an anxious 12-year-old boy on a long car trip to his new home with his travel-weary family. On their final night in the car, Myles starts to see, then hear, something following them out in the night.

A monster? A ghost? His fears made manifest?

Read Myles and the Monster Outside to find out!

Available in bookstores now
Read my Q&A about the book, writing horror for kids and more on my publisher's blog.
Kirkus Review: "a carefully written Goosebumps from north of the border ... a gentle but still shivery spook tale."
Goodreads Reviews
Book trailer featuring 6 spooky illustrations by Shawna Daigle and music by the author

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