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Myles and the Monster Outside KIRKUS REVIEW

Coming Sept. 2015, Dundurn Press

UPDATE: Myles and the Monster Outside has been nominated for an OLA Silver Birch Express Award 2017 by the Ontario Library Association, thank you! I thought I would re-post this great Kirkus Review (which also happens to be my all-time #1 post). Enjoy. 

"Dowding’s second Weird Stories Gone Wrong is a relatively realistic, carefully written Goosebumps ... this is a gentle but still shivery spook tale.
Readers who have made a big move will identify with Myles and his fears made manifest. (Horror. 7-10)"
--Kirkus Reviews, July/2015
I'm quite thrilled with this review from Kirkus for my 2nd book in the Weird Stories Gone Wrong series, thank you! Their reviews are no-nonsense and their tagline is: "The World's Toughest Reviews on the World's Top Selling Books."
1 of 6 illustrations from Shawna Daigle
I particularly appreciate the "Goosebumps" mention, my children read R.L Stine until the books fell apart, I'm very honoured to be compared to that classic middle-grade horror franchise.

This story is a truly creepy paranormal road-trip told through the eyes of an anxious 12-year old boy. We all have monsters, right? Who hasn't been that child in the back seat on a long car drive, who starts to see things out the window? I know I definitely was. 
Myles and the Monster Outside is forthcoming from Dundurn Press, Sept 19, 2015, and is accompanied by 6 fantastically creepy illustrations by Shawna Daigle. Here is the book trailer which showcases her art (and that's me playing the spooky guitar). 
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