Saturday, 2 May 2015

Thunder Bay Forest of Reading was GREAT!

 Oh, it's Forest of Reading month! My book, The Strange Gift of Gwendolyn Golden, is nominated for The Red Maple award, the winner of which is going to be announced on May 12th at Harbourfront in Toronto. I'll be there on stage with the other nominees, can't wait. Here's a full list of the other great books.

On April 30-May 1 2015, I attended the first of the Forest of Reading celebrations up in Thunder Bay, that was really fun. Here's me standing in the Thunder Bay Silver City beneath my name in lights, getting ready to do my presentation (and I'm a 3D Avenger, apparently). And below is a photo of my presentation on the Silver City screen ... probably the only time my name will ever be on a 40-foot high movie screen! Pretty cool. (I asked the kids in the front row to stand up for some size context).

It's going to be an exciting month. Thank you to the Ontario Library Association for all their hard work, and all the librarians, teachers and young readers who love books, reading and authors.Wish Gwendolyn and I luck!

Here's me doing a library presentation on April 23 in Aurora, that was fun too!

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