Sunday, 12 April 2015

Spring made me write this music

Pete and Courage walking into the Spring Sunset, from Myles & the Monster Outside
Courtesy Shawna Daigle, www;

Certain times of year make me produce creative things at quite a clip. For me, winter is the time when I spend a lot of time reading and I think probably refueling the creativity cells, but as soon the light changes and I start to hear birds in the trees and see the tip of branches change from black to red ... well you get the picture.

Here is a guitar piece I finally recorded yesterday, called Spring, (You can download it free if you like.) It's the first of a four piece guitar instrumental called Wheel, about seasons and change and such. There will be one song for each turn of the seasonal wheel.

The beguiling illustration shows two of my characters walking into the spring sunset. It's from my forthcoming book, Myles and the Monster Outside (Dundurn, Sept 2015), and is graciously provided by the very talented illustrator for that book, Shawna Daigle.

Spring is here!

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