Thursday, 8 January 2015

A great review and a secret admission

"I absolutely adore this book. The author, Philippa Dowding is a really good author and I love how she totally hooked me on this book. I have recommended this book to so many people and I recommend it to you too. This book will surprise you at any minute. When you think all the excitement is over it hits again and you will be super surprised."
Student Red Maple 2015 reviewer

What a lovely review. It really made my day, thank you! You'll find this review on the Red Maple 2015 Bibliocommons site, along with several other wonderful reviews for the book. Check it out.
 The Strange Gift of Gwendolyn Golden is magic realism, the sub-set of fantasy which requires the greatest willing-suspense-of-disbelief of all the fantasy genres, at least in my mind. It's a realistic world with one magical element which the reader just has to accept, no questions asked. I think Richard Scrimger's Zomboy is the other magic realism book in the Red Maple selections this year, a wonderful read. In fact, all the selections are great, I've enjoyed them all.
And here is my secret admission: I've read all 10 books on the Red Maple list, and my favourite (after my own of course!) is Sarah Ellis's Outside In, a great little story about the rights of a family, living off-grid, and the uber-eco vigilant. An interesting read, quite provocative. Here's my review of the book on Goodreads
I have another secret admission too: I often get asked by readers what's my favourite of the books I've written? Usually I fudge it and say, well, you know, authors try not to pick favourites, just like your parents can't really say if they like you better than your brother or sister ... but the truth is that while I really do love them all (and Jake and the Giant Hand might be my favourite next week), at the moment The Strange Gift of Gwendolyn Golden is my favourite. She's a wonderful character, and who wouldn't want to fly? Given the chance, I definitely would!

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