Tuesday, 25 November 2014

A 14-foot gargoyle and a giant fly

Once in a while I get a totally unexpected surprise in my email. Like today. I received this wonderful picture of a 14-foot gargoyle in a Halloween installation last month. The artist (who asked to remain anonymous) sent it to me, because he loved my third book, The Gargoyle at the Gates, and it inspired him to build this wonderful gargoyle for his friends at Halloween. Did I mention that it's 14 feet tall?! (That's a little over 4.25 metres). Thank you to the artist for reaching out and sharing this -- I'm inspired, too!
In other gigantism news recently, I ordered this giant green fly off the internet (thanks amazon and Zymetrical), it's about 8 inches long. I've been taking it to events for my newest book, Jake and the Giant Hand, in which Jake has some interesting interactions with well, giant flies among other things. Kids really want, no NEED, to pick it up when they see it.

So, 14-foot Halloween gargoyles and giant, 8-inch flies, all in a day's work for this writer. Just one more reason to love the job!

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