Friday, 7 November 2014

5-Star fan letters for Jake and the Giant Hand

"I really like the book you wrote, because it is my kind of book. It's one of those books when you read the last chapter, you want to read the second one. 5 STARS" 11-year-old fan #1

"I really enjoyed your book. It really was my taste. It was mysterious, adventurous, and creepy. I loved the giant flies. Sometimes I just sit on a hot summer day on my porch and let the flies land on me." 11-year-old fan #2

It's been a busy week, so this is a quick catch-up post. First of all, many thanks to a wonderful librarian who hand-delivered these two fan letters for Jake and the Giant Hand last night at the TD Children's Literature awards. It was a great surprise to have her find me in the (quite enormous) crowd, then give me these two really sweet letters. That's a first! I'm always so thankful when a librarian introduces my work to young readers, of course, but it's really, really amazing when they reach out to me with feedback. It's one of the best parts of being a children's author. Thank you to both young readers, too. Really sweet.

Also, here is a really good interview about Jake and the Giant Hand, on my publisher's website. If  you want to know how I came up with the idea, you'll find the answers in this interview!

Finally, reviews are coming in and people are loving the book. Find some great reviews here on Goodreads.

Also the awesome 49th Shelf folks listed Jake and the Giant Hand as a top Halloween book for kids last week, See the complete list here. 

The next book in the series, Myles and the Monster Outside, is now in the production and editorial process, and it's promising to be just as creepy and weird. Stay tuned!

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