Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Jake and the Giant Hand reviewed in School Library Journal

Coming Sept. 2014, Dundurn Press
"The tale has a great ending with a clever wrap-up that will keep readers wondering. This is a well-crafted horror story with a suspenseful buildup and truly creepy details, such as the giant flies. The artwork adds to the disturbing effect of the story, the drawings of the flies are cartoonish but somehow still menacing, and the picture of them swarming Jake is frightening. This is a book for kids who like chills and thrills."–Gretchen Crowley, Alexandria City Public Libraries, VA August Print Issue, School Library Journal
What a terrific review for my upcoming book, Jake and the Giant Hand. This is the first time I've been reviewed in the School Library Journal, and I'm just delighted! I'm also a little chuffed (okay, very chuffed) to see that Neil Gaiman's new book, Hansel & Gretel, is also reviewed in this issue of SLJ. He's always been a favourite author of mine. If there is one book I wish I'd written it would be The Graveyard Book, which is on my Top 5 shelf with The Hobbit, Charlotte's Web, and Tuck Everlasting. (I realize that's only 4 books, I'm still waiting for book #5.) The reviewer also mentions the wonderful illustrations which are adorably creepy, a million thanks to illustrator Shawna Daigle. The Book Trailer highlights her work (those flies ARE menacing!) I'm just finishing up the next book in the series, Myles and the Monster Outside, coming in 2015. Stay tuned.

Read more reviews on the book's Goodreads page. Read an adapted excerpt in Taddle Creek Magazine.

Dowding, Philippa. Jake and the Giant Handillus. by Shawna Daigle. 136 p. (Weird Stories Gone Wrong: Bk. 1). Dundurn. Oct. 2014. pap. $9.99. ISBN 9781459724211; ebk. $8.99. ISBN 9781459724235. 

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"chills and thrills" Great review, P! and SLJ rocks!

~ monica k.