Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A child's gargoyle story, a drawing, and a map!

I received a special package in the mail a few weeks ago.

I'd been waiting for this package since February, it was mailed seven months ago and I'd given it up for lost, so the fact that it finally arrived at all, even in August, made it pretty special. 

Where had it been all that time, I do not know, but I hope it had an adventure

Anyway, the other reason that this package was so special was its contents. Sent to me by a dedicated and wonderful teacher, M from BC, the package contained a story written by one of her students. When M first contacted me 18 months ago, she told me that her student, D, struggled with reading and writing until he read my first book, The Gargoyle in My Yard

After that, he began to read more and more, until finally, he wrote his first story: Gargoyles on My Street.

The package I received in August had a copy of D's story, pages and pages of drawings and adventures about a gargoyle and a boy named Philip. Thank you and way to go, D! 

The package also had some lovely drawings by D's classmates, including a wonderful picture of Katherine Newberry (one of my main characters) and a very detailed map of Christopher Canning's house, the park next door and the gargoyles from my third book, The Gargoyle at the Gates. The artist really paid attention to the description of the house, the park, the gates, the fountain, the street and other shops. It's amazing.

Thank you to all of you for your great work, I'm really honoured.

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