Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Strange Gift of Gwendolyn Golden and A Wrinkle in Time

"This sweet and sensitive coming-of-age story introduces readers to Gwendolyn Golden, a Grade 8 student in a small Ontario town where the candy store is fun central for kids... I found myself frequently reminded of the 1960s classic A Wrinkle in Time – a young heroine with a reliable pal, a female mentor, a dark and threatening spiritual aspect, and an awesome power that makes you wish it were truly possible, all in a delightful and sensitive story."

What a lovely review from blogger Michelle Mallette over on Michelle's Bookshelf. I've excerpted a bit of her review here, but please find the entire review on her blog. I found myself reading many of her reviews, she has good taste and I'll be reading some of her selections (Life after Life looks good!).

I'll never forget reading Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time for the first time. I came to the story later in life, when my own children were just starting to read fantasy. I read the story to myself in one night, entranced, mesmerized and completely fascinated by the premise: an alien gets blown off course and into a child's life on a dark and stormy night. Wow. How cool is that. Fantasy yes, but with a dash of magic realism, where a fantastic event occurs in an otherwise ordinary life and is not overly explained by the author. The event simply is and the story wraps around the strange new reality. In L'Engle's book, the event is the arrival of a mysterious old lady (who reminded me a lot of Granny WeatherWax from Terry Pratchett's Disc World Books). In my book, the strange event occurs when the main character wakes up one morning with the gift of flight.

I'm completely honoured and delighted that Ms. Mallette has compared my latest middle grade novel to Madeleine L'Engle's masterpiece. I'm floored, actually. The book has also been compared to Roald Dahl's Danny, Champion of the World by a blogger from New Zealand, Shannon @giraffedaysReally humbled by that one, too. Many thanks to both bloggers for their thoughtful reviews.

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