Sunday, 18 May 2014

Forest of Reading 2014

On stage with the Silver Birch Express Nominees
Once again, a great Forest of Reading experience this year, thank you to all the organizers, librarians, OLA staff, teachers, authors and young readers for making it so memorable. Very honoured to be a nominee (The Gargoyle at the Gates won the Near North and Durham county regional votes, too) and to get to spend time with awesome authors like Cary Fagan, Natalie Hyde, Kari-Lynn Winters, Jennifer Lanthier, and the winner, Rebecca Upjohn with her lovely book, The Secret of the Village Fool. Congrats to all, and until we meet again ... happy writing!
Explaining why I have to throw apples at the crowd (while Jennifer Lanthier smiles)
Here comes an apple
Cary Fagan and Natalie Hyde
Saying hello and signing a book ... the best part ...
The long signing line up

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