Sunday, 9 March 2014

No 1 rule for writing a YA series AND Video of the Week

The Lost Gargoyle Series
So ask three YA authors (Caroline Adderson, Moira Young and me) this question: what advice would you give an author who is thinking about writing a series?

The #1 rule, apparently, is character is king! 

This week on Open Book Toronto, wonderful children's author Susan Hughes posts the second part of a two part series on writing a YA series. Read it here

You'll find out more about why character is king, the toughest part of writing a series, and there's some chat about a 4th gargoyle book? WHAT? Interestingly, we three authors have similar answers in parts of this email interview, which is really validating. Thanks Susan Hughes!

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Also, in another lovely tip of the hat from OpenBook Toronto, my new book trailer for The Strange Gift of Gwendolyn Golden is their Video of the Week. I have to say that I love this trailer (thanks to the talented George Panayotou for the video expertise!), it's exactly what I was hoping for, magical, drifting, and a little strange. That's me playing guitar, a piece I wrote for the trailer, that's my little dog Samwise Gamgee, barking on cue (in my kitchen). Enjoy. Thanks OpenBook Toronto!

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