Sunday, 22 February 2015

Tips for writing a series from 3 YA authors

Susan Hughes, a wonderful children's author, has a great kidlit blog on OpenBook Toronto. This month she talks to three authors about what it's like to create a YA series: Caroline Adderson (early chapter book author), Moira Young (teen author), and ... me, a middle grade author.

Here's the link to our thoughts about writing a series.

I'm really honoured to be asked to share my thoughts, although the honest truth is that when I wrote the first book, The Gargoyle in My Yard, I was just focused on getting it published. That seemed like such a huge hurdle, that the possibility of a series didn't even occur to me until later.

A series was several steps down the line. Publish first, then dream even bigger! I guess if you're a published author before you attempt a series, then you might have the skill and time to have your series more planned out from the start than I did. Still,  I may have had beginner's luck since it wasn't that hard to turn book one into a series. The character of a 400-year old gargoyle had so many possibilities that when I finally got writing the next book, the problem was figuring out which part to tell first.

And  ... the idea of a fourth gargoyle book keeps popping into my head. The beginning of the next instalment in the lost gargoyle series, I wonder?? Stay tuned ...

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