Friday, 30 August 2013

A magical 50th birthday gift ...

Am amazing synchronous event today. One of those events that take you forward and back, at the same time.
Today is my 50th birthday. I woke thinking, "I'd like to read Johnathan Livingston Seagull, with a good cup of coffee." Or something pretty close to that. Hey, why not? It's my birthday.
Imagine my surprise when I opened my copy.
It was inscribed:
To My Dearest Pippa
August 30, 1972

Much Love DAD XXX

I have no memory of getting this book for my ninth birthday and I'm fairly sure I didn't read it at nine. I might have read it at thirteen or fourteen.
Then maybe once again as a young adult. And now apparently, I'm kicking off my 50s with this little book, a book my dad loved. Clearly, he wanted me to read it today. So I will. Thanks for the birthday gift Dad, 41 years later ...
Here's another post about Dad, a poem:
Whales of August, in September

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