Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Reading at the Richmond Hill Library

The Author and gargoyles at Richmond Hill Library
I love presenting to children, reading my books to them, talking about gargoyles, answering their questions. They always have such great questions.
Yesterday I went a little further afield than normal, and travelled to Richmond Hill Public Library for their Reading For Life Event.
Loads of fun, thanks for having me Sharmin!
My favourite question of the day from a grade 3 boy:
"You wrote the book, why do you have to read it? Don't you know every word?"
Awesome question. That would definitely have occured to me if I was nine. My answer was something like, well you'd THINK that, but the way we speak and the way we write is different. Plus, I have a terrible memory!
Here's a link to an earlier blog post about children's questions: The 10 oddest Questions I've been asked by kids

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