Thursday, 21 March 2013

Award Week for The Gargoyle at the Gates!

It's been an amazing week for The Gargoyle at the Gates, book 3 in the Lost Gargoyle Series. I couldn't be more honoured, and frankly, more amazed. The book has now received two national award nominations, and been awarded one international library honour.

Here are the nominations:

The SYRCA Diamond Willow Award (Saskatchewan),
Shortlist, 2013-2014

The Hackmatack Awards (Altlantic Canada), Shortlist, 2013-2014

And the international library honour:

The White Raven (The International Youth Library, Munich), 2013

Thank you so much to the SYRCA, Hackmatack and IYL for this huge honour, it's just amazing.

I've been trying to think about what is attracting such attention to this story. Not to spoil the story for anyone, I will say that the gargoyles both suffer in this book at the hands of the evil Collector, and they both resist him in their own way. I think that's an important message for children: that resistance, dignity and courage make us who we are, whether gargoyle or human. And friends and family help save us, too.

Perhaps universal.

Here is a very timely and interesting article by Noah Richler in the National Post today, called "The Truth about being shortlisted" As he says, receiving a nomination is very definitely as good as winning!

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