Saturday, 26 January 2013

Gargoyle at the Gates & Goodreads

The Gargoyle at the Gates, book 3 in the Lost Gargoyle Series, is doing really well. It was a top-3 bestseller for my publisher, Dundurn, in December, up there with the LemonAid 2013 guide and a book about hockey (which was very timely since due to the hockey strike everyone was desperate for anything hockey-related).

I feel incredibly honoured to know that my YA book about a lost gargoyle in downtown Toronto is selling as well as a perennial bestseller about used cars and a new book about hockey.

Cars, hockey and gargoyles, a natural fit!

The book has had great reviews by trade magazines which you can read from an earlier post here. It's also got lovely reviews on Goodreads here.

One reviewer said, "The writing is imaginative, poetic, exciting and layered." Love that!

But I think my favourite review starts like this:

"Picked this book up upon recommendation, but hadn't heard of it or the series before reading. The idea of befriending gargoyles that come alive sounded unique, and hey--it's set in Toronto. Why not?"

Love it. Being recommended, read, then reviewed. This writer is very thankful.

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