Sunday, 6 May 2012

Musings from the back porch: a poem

Found by dog

Blonde ragdoll (just the head)
Plastic beaded bracelet (muddied)
Red plastic beach shovel (no handle)
Pink swim shoe (size 2)
Heinken can (ten years out)
Manky scrub-brush (his favourite thing of all)
Bubble blower (yellow)
Star Wars Death Star model (still in remarkable shape, considering)
Six inch plastic Yoda (spotless, but then, its Yoda)
Beautiful green glass Buddha (strangely the same size and spotlessness as Yoda, wonder if they’ve been communing in universal radiance down there)
Mouldy yard gloves (in the garbage, this instant)
Yellow rubber gloves filled with potato bugs (ditto)
What appears to be the sole of a shoe (ditto ditto)
The blue plastic bottom of an elephant sprinkler (totally forgot how fun that was)
An eyeball bouncey ball (always gave me the creeps, weird to see it again)
A porpoise water gun (from the “no-guns-allowed-in-our-house” phase)
A can so old and soft with time that it must have been there when the house was built in 1912.  (More proof that every home is an evolution)

Delighted by detritus, a junk-pile curator,
these are the layered treasures my young dog has brought me, 
faithfully, each day in his wanderings through the dark, 
hidden places under the back porch.

Resurrected, lined up across the railing, an impressive archaeologist this little dog,
a magician in fact…

…bringing me my daughter in her pink swim shoes, pudgy arms raised to catch bubbles, running through the elephant sprinkler, 
her brother patiently waiting to be born

and me there too, somewhere, 
almost forgetting to remember.


Sio said...

Ah the love of a good dog his treasures at your feet - what lovely memories! The last 3 stanzas especially.

Meredyth Young said...

I love this poem. It works so well and i agree with Sio, it really comes together in the end.
Thanks for writing it.