Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Festival of Trees was just awesome!

Some photos from Harbourfront and Ottawa Festival of Trees! I didn't win this year
(congrats Jan Andrews!), but just being there felt a lot like winning.
Top: turning into gargoyles with some students after a fun standing-room only presentation
Bottom...then signing, signing, signing for an hour, had to turn kids away...

...then the stage and welcoming all the authors...
My turn ... gargoyle got to say a few words ...
...slightly crazed rock star look!

Mob signing after after the ceremony!
Wonderful comments on the Gargoyle Overhead Poster (thanks for the photo Rebecca Upjohn!)

Gargoth and I on the campus at Carleton U in Ottawa, catching a few rays between events


Ontario Library Association said...

Thank you so much for coming!

Philippa Dowding said...

I wouldn't have missed it for anything! Thanks to you guys at the OLA for all your hard work ... the entire Festival of Trees just rocked.