Saturday, 24 March 2012

Samwise Gamgee stars on TVOKIDS

Kailan, Milou, TVOKIDS host Drew, and Samwise!

Okay, it's not Sean Astin and Lord of the Rings. It's my puppy, Samwise Gamgee, a 4-month-old bichon frise/poodle cross. He and his best puppy friend Milou were the stars of International Puppy Day yesterday on TVOKIDS.
The puppies were awesome, playing in between live 2-minute segments, then being very well-behaved when the camera was on them. Kailan, Milou's owner, was great too. She got Milou to do tricks!
Thanks Drew, Lisa and everyone at TVOKIDS , we had a great time.
Stardom must be exhausting though. Sam came home and slept for four hours.

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